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Life Skills Program

Life Skills is a course which helps people to develop skills in dealing with and coping with daily living situations. Participants learn and practice problem solving skills to gain more control of their lives. The course helps participants to plan and work toward greater personal satisfaction.

The Life Skills course is a program which runs daily from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM. The program is five months long with the first three months in the classroom. For the following two months, the participants are involved in activities within the community. These activities may include work assessments in a business, education or recreation programs. During these two months, ongoing support is provided by the Life Skills coach, or the vocational counsellors at CMHA. One day per week, all participants return to the classroom to debrief the week’s activities.

Life Skills is an active learning program. Participants participate and learn through a variety of class activities such as: tours, lectures, films, group discussions, closed circuit television, guest speakers, written exercises, role playing and recreation.

Life Skills is an opportunity for people to explore alternatives in their lives, to develop self-confidence, to do things in a new way, and to make solid plans to reach their goals.

Life Skills is a way to discover more about yourself and your own abilities. The course helps the participants to develop and to use their strengths and skills in becoming the person they would like to be. Participants learn about accepting responsibility for choices they make in managing their lives.

The intake criteria are as follows:

  • Must be 18 or older with a diagnosis of mental illness
  • If a client has a history of alcohol/substance abuse, they must be actively involved in a rehabilitation program and substance free for six months
  • Must have a mental health support worker (social worker, home care nurse, etc.)
  • Must have medication compliance
  • Must not have been hospitalized due to a major psychiatric episode in the past six months
  • Must be referred by a mental health agency

To register, please download the Referral Form.

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